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Weather conditions should never be ignored when cruising/sailing. Whilst it is especially relevant for those going to sea it is also an important consideration on the inland waterways., particularly on large lakes such as Lough Derg, Lough Ree and Lough Erne.

Whereas some weather sites give only general weather information, others, such as Met Eireann, offer forecasts tailored specifically for water users.

It is worthwhile exploring the features/options offered by many of these sites.

Windguru is a personal favourite and comes in two flavours. The 'Free' version is quite adequate although the 'Subscription' version offers extra features / options.

Passageweather ('Weather Forecasts for Sailors and Adventurers') is used by mainy sea-going / coastal cruising sailors / boaters.

MagicSeaweed is primarily a 'surfing' forecasting site but is used by others including fishermen in the Dingle Peninsula!
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Cruise-in-Company to Castle Harbour, 14th September 2012

Event Commodore:
Archie Reed

Events / activities included a visit to
Pallas Karting!

When the weather goes wrong and you are on the water...

So, what can happen when the weather is not good? Click the link to view an 8 minute video clip of "Arthur" and her crew in less than ideal weather conditions on the Shannon Estuary in July 2012.

Well, the 8 min video clip shows "Arthur" on the Shannon Estuary in less than ideal conditions in July 2012. Yes there were several aspects that were less than helpful including a very heavy fog and a nasty wind against tide. If it was not for our trusty Garmin 276c
chartplotter we would have been totally blind.

Weather on some of Ireland's larger lakes on the main inland waterways can match that which we encountered at the mouth of the Shannon Estuary. And what we encountered was mild compared to what real bad weather can be like! Always check the weather before commencing a passage on any stretch of water that can host heavy weather conditions.

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