Officers / Committee 2017


Officers of the branch are elected at the AGM which is held each year before Dec 31st. All officers must be proposed and seconded and are then elected on the basis of a simple vote of all those present at the AGM.

The Committee meets at regular intervals to plan club events and to discuss issues relevant to the club and its members.

Officers retain their position until the next AGM. Office-holders for the 2016 season are listed hereunder:
IWAI Cruising Club
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And mugshots of current committee members can be viewed in the Flash-Player Clip on the panel on the:left. And note that all have happy smiles creasing their faces! The Cruising Club are a friendly bunch!
Did You Know?
Since the Cruising Club was founded each of the following positions has been filled by four different members:

Chairman - M.G. Kerr, John Dunne, Paul Scannell, Eric Herrieven

Secretary - Derry Smyth, Maria Keane, Mary Healy, Tony Barry

Treasurer - Joe O'Dubhghaill, Charlie Murray, Bryan O'Donnell, Terry Barry

The position of IWN Scribe has been filled by FIVE different members - Sean O'Riogain, Patricia Kerr, Patricia Williams, Rita Reed, Paul Scannell.

Only two members have served as IWAI Council Representative - Sean O'Riogain, Mike Moroney.

The role of Commodore (as opposed to Event Commodore) has been filled by SIX members: Derry Smyth, Louis Rice, Pat Morrissey, Archie Reed, Eric Herrieven, John Ryan.

Webmaster - Paul Scannell, Joe O'Dubhghaill, John Breslin

New Blood Needed...
No, this is not a request for blood donors! The Cruising Club needs members to become involved and take on roles on the committee. There are positions to suit various skills. New blood is needed. Think about it before the next AGM....
Derry Smyth
Derry was a founder-member of the Cruising Club and a significant contributor to its development. He was the first Hon. Sec. and held that position until he was elected Hon. Sec. of the national body in 2010. In 2013 he was elected Vice-President, a position he held for two years. In 2014 he decided not to seek re-election to the IWAI Executive and was looking forward to becoming more actively involved with the Cruising Club, an enjoyment that he un-selfishly forfeited during his years on the Executive. Click link on right to view a Flash Video that captures his involvement with the Cruising Club since 2007.
IWAI Cruising Club Cruise: 2007 - 2017

Celebrating 10 Years of 'Going Places'
2007 - CiC to Scarriff
2007 - CiC to Castle Harbour
2007 - 2017