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'Memories are made of this' or so the song goes! But memories fade over time!

On the other hand,digital photos (and video clips) do not! So feel free to re-live the memories of yesteryears!

The Cruising Club website hosts an archive of digital memories of events from 2007 to present time.

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Recording and Sharing 'Moments in Time'
In former times a camera was a mandatory accessory in all households for the purpose of recording 'occasions', be they family outings, birthday celebrations, holidays or simply 'moments in time'. Now, with the advent of digital cameras and smartphones, it has never been easier to record and share special moments and memories. Today's smartphones and digital cameras are very easy to use and, particularly in the case of smartphones, nearly always to hand.

So, take some time to discover how to take good quality photos with your camera or smarttphone. Ensure that you have the device correctly configured through the 'settings' options. Many modern devices have easy to use 'Auto' settings whcih will generate very acceptable snaps. However, many snaps reflect poor composition (frame carefully what you want to record), are often blurry (hold the camer steady) and can suffer from 'red-eye' (where a flash reflects on the iris of a subject and is then captured in the resultant image). 'Red-eye' can be easily removed via one of the many Photo-editing programs, some of which are 'free'..

Nowadays photos can be easily 'shared' with friends, even instantly if you are using a smartphone. Be aware that most mobile phone service providers charge for each photo that you send via a txt message. Emailing photos to friends is 'old hat' and time-consuming. Better to open an account with one of the available 'Photo-hosting' services (many are 'free'), 'upload' your photos to the site (only need to do once!), and then email a link to your friends! Eventually you will have a wonderful resource of photographic memories and all in one location! .
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About the PhotoAlbums
Most, but not all, of the photos featured on this website were taken by Paul Scannell ('Arthur'). Paul's photo website, including many boating PhotoGalleries, can be accessed at the following link:
Albums have also been contributed by several other members, including, in no particular order:

Pat Morrissey, Maria Keane, Frank Reid,
Maurice Kerr, June Fitch
IWAI Cruising Club visit to National Maritime Museum and Royal George Yacht Club.

31st October, 2015

Event Commodore: Bryan O'Donnell
Events & Activities included:

Guided tour of National Maritime Museum, Lunch at Royal St. George Yacht Club..
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